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2017 New Zealand Trip - Part 5

Heading for Queenstown

It was heavily overcast when we left and stayed like that until we turned inland towards Lake Wanaka.

After the rain on the west coast it was surprising to see fields being watered as we drove past Lake Wanaka towards Queenstown.

Excellent scenery, if I had known about the much photographed the "Lone Tree" then we would have sought it out, but we didn't.

We did stop at a waterfall with loads of tourists:

We drove over the mountain pass, the shortest way, to Queenstown, 328 km (203 miles) over 4 hours driving time, without stops. The longer route via Cromwell would have been 370 km an extra 27 miles.

That evening, after we had arrived safely, it snowed and the pass was almost impassible.

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