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2017 New Zealand Trip - Part 10

From Christchurch, South Island to Auckland, North Island

We drove from Jucy Snooze to the airport, parked our hire car in one of the designated spaces for Ezi, their representative checked the car over when we had unloaded the luggage and in 10 minutes we were in the terminal. The Toyota Rav4 behaved perfectly and was a pleasure to drive. We had driven over 3000 km (1900 miles). Would highly recommend Ezi Car Rentals.

After a pleasant 1.5 hour flight from Christchurch to Auckland, we picked up our luggage and waited outside the airport arrivals hall at the designated door for our car rental company to pick us up.

Car Rental Companies' Minibuses came, picked up and went, again and again. No signs of ours!

After waiting for a long while, we rang the telephone number given us on our Travel Agents' paperwork - no response, tried again and again - still no response. Left messages as requested. No response!

Eventually found another number on their website on my mobile. Got an answer. "They said - we should have called them" but that was not what it said on the documentation.

After waiting outside for over 2 hours someone turned up and picked up us and another couple who had been on the same flight and had the same problem. 2 and a half hours after we arrived, we got to the car rental place. Not good! It then took over another half an hour to get the car, ridiculous considering everything had been prepaid.

So after losing 3 hours we then had to rush to our overnight stop.

If you want a cheap and unprofessional Car Hire Company in Auckland then go to East Coast Car Rentals, also known as SIXT, if you want a professional but maybe more expensive service then use EZi like we did in South Island. (They did not get any better when we returned the car - but that's another story).

Anyway, we are now in North Island and staying tonight at the Quality Hotel Oceans at Tutukaka, about 3 hours away.

It was late when we arrived and during the night and all next day, it rained heavily.

photo from their website

Photo from their website.

When we left next morning, we stopped at Whangarei Heads, in the pouring rain. There were very high waves and some surfers:

We headed north again towards Paihai on the picturesque Bay of Islands.

Continued in Part 11 and no more moans!

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