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2017 New Zealand Trip - Part 14


Arrived back in Auckland. Could not get to our hotel because it was the day of the Christmas Parade. We stopped and asked a Policeman and he said it would be difficult to park until the Parade finished at 5:30pm so we drove to Devenport across the water (where we originally intended to stay).

We thought Devenport looked quaint and an easy ferry ride across to Auckland. There was one quaint, main street but also a large supermarket just behind and loads and loads of all-day free and 2 hours free parking near the ferry. (Why is the UK not as generous)!

We wandered around the shops waiting for the sun to come out. The clouds seem to be converging straight over the top of the Sky Tower.

The weather was a bit of a disappointment as we remembered the gloriously sunny day when we drove past from Paihai to Matamata several days before.

We had a not very good meal in Devenport and headed back to Auckland to our Hotel, The Grand Millennium.

Grand Millennium Hotel, Auckland, New Zealand
View of Sky Tower from Hotel

View from our room. Parking and Breakfast were at an additional cost so we joined the "Club" which gave us both of these plus access to the Club Lounge on the top floor. Free canapes and drinks each evening 5:00 until 7:00. Breakfasted in the quiet of the Club Lounge.

After breakfast, we strolled down the main shopping street, Queens Street, towards the bay. There were lots of good and upmarket shops. The buildings were a mixture of old and new.

The temperature climbed into the 30's C, as we sat in the sun by the harbour admiring the view (and roasting).

As it was our last evening in New Zealand, we had booked to dine in the revolving restaurant, Orbit 360, of the Sky Tower.

We strolled back the few yards to our hotel and packed for our departure the next day.

Flight details:

Auckland to Melbourne

Flight EK5136 departed 13:35. Arrived Melbourne 15:50

flight distance is 1638 miles, or 2636 km, 4 Hours 13 minutes.

Melbourne to Dubai

Flight EK405 departed 18:45 arrived Dubai 04:50 next day

It was about 7.5 hours to Singapore and a further 7.25 house to Dubai

(Had to disembark at Singapore but got straight back on into same seats). 2 hour stopover in Singapore.

flight distance is 7231 miles, or 11638 km

Dubai to Manchester

Flight EK17 departed 07:15 arrived Manchester 11:20

flight distance is 3511 miles, or 5651 km, 8 Hours.

Our Total Travel time from Auckland to Manchester was 34.5 hours.

Our son Mark was waiting to drive us more.

Back home after a super time!

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